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We are a passion-driven architecture firm in pune. 
We aim at optimizing designs according to the space and client requirements. 
Our project specialities range from residential, commercial, hospitality and service related industries. 
We at avantinc believe in giving our clients the best experience, we are a research-driven team. All designs are individual and personalized, grown out of an idea with the ultimate motive of beautifully merging form and function. 

Image by Lance Anderson

Tanvi completed her education in Pune and Dubai. Her former years in Dubai shaped her design thinking process at a very young age where she decided to pursue architecture as a profession. 

Having completed her bachelors in Architecture from the esteemed Dr B.N College of Architecture in Pune, she went on to work with the Mastermind, Ar. Hafeez Contractor in Mumbai. Her varied former years work profile includes having worked for Rohan Builders and Design consultant architects in Pune. 

She gained a huge experience of working on multi-faceted projects ranging from residential housing projects to second homes and lastly working on government projects under the honourable Ajit Dada Pawar. 

Her varied experience gave her confidence to further go on and pursue her design dreams by starting her idea of AVANTINC.

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